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Break free from traditional banking

MoneyMoov is the platform to send, store and manage money for businesses and developers

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A graphic representing how our current account connects with different business applications to extend their fucntionality.

Meet the embedded current account

Why separate banking operations and core business applications?

By combining your current accounts with your core business application, manual processing of financial operations can be streamlined.

Because no separate systems means no manual processes.

Transform operations with programmable current accounts

Image representing the different stages of a Pay by Bank flow.
01Move money and reconcile automatically
Distribute inbound payments according to preset rules.
02Integrate with your own or 3rd party applications
Control payments from within your ERP. Link third party applications to customise payment journeys.
03Custom designed for your business operations
Control and clarity for financial operations based on your business needs.
A graphic representing how MoneMoov supports combining all your bank accounts into one financial view.

Real-time Treasury Management

Aggregated view of accounts from across Europe, with over 5000 banks connected.

Instantly see liquidity positions, funds movements and trends.

Detailed transaction statements, all within a single portal.

“We are providing a business current account which connects up to your ERP or your platform, synchronises your transactions and automatically reconciles them...”
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The Entrepeneur Experiment
The Entrepeneur Experiment

Built for businesses.
Designed for developers.

MoneyMoov for Business

Embedded Finance without the integration.
Current accounts adapted to your business needs, not the other way around.

MoneyMoov API

Whether you want to embed open banking in your app, automate expense management or implement intelligent funds allocation, MoneyMoov API ends the concept of separate current accounts and accounting platforms. It is revolutionising the way businesses store and move money.

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