Ecommerce wtih MoneyMoov

MoneyMoov® API

Ecommerce Payments

The MoneyMoov® API is inserted in an online checkout using a couple of lines of code. It is a pre-built checkout payments experience which contains three payment options for end users, any one of which can be promoted or hidden as necessary. Please note that Lightning Payments are not available within the EU until regulatory approval is obtained.

Credit card payments


Card Payments

This is an e-commerce payments service facilitating receipt of credit and debit cards online in the traditional way. Typically used by online merchants to accept card payments online.

NoFrixion Card Payments
NoFrixion Bank Transfers
Ecommerce wtih MoneyMoov

Bank Transfer

Payment Initiation

This is a next-generation payments service, facilitating online payments via secure and instant bank transfer. It is known as Payment Initiation Services and is a part of the Open Banking ecosystem. The end user makes their payment from their personal bank account, and it is credited to the merchant account instantly, without leaving the shopping cart environment.

Lightning network


Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a peer to peer payments network facilitating online payments using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is ultra-low cost and instant. NoFrixion have submitted an application to the Central Bank of Ireland to register as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), and this registration is pending. Application was made in June 2021, but NoFrixion cannot provide any cryptocurrency or Central Bank Digital Currency services until the registration is accepted. 

NoFrixion Lightning Network