Payment Account

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Payments Account

The Payments Account is an e-money wallet which many of the features of a traditional current account, in the sense that it has an IBAN attached to it, and can be used to make and receive payments to the national and international payments networks. It is a required feature for Straight Through Payments and is optional for eCommerce Payments. However, it is most useful when used with all services, as then an accurate picture of cashflow in the business is continually available in real-time. When integrated with your core business application (accounting, CRM etc.), it can automatically update customer accounts and ensure real-time visibility of payments status.

Payment Account

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The Payments Account* is available in both EURO and GBP denominations and onboarding is reduced in most cases to same-day enablement. This is in contrast with traditional business banking accounts which can take up to 6 months to obtain.

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