Opening a bank account, accepting payments online and making payments to suppliers and employees is difficult and cumbersome, relying on antiquated Internet Banking services, 60-year-old card technologies, or even a trip to the local bank branch.

NoFrixion was founded in response to these challenges which all businesses face on a daily basis.

We make the complexity of storing money, making payments and the underlying infrastructure as transparent as it can be. Using the MoneyMoov API, developers can build and integrate applications for businesses, enabling them to move money as they please - securely, safely and rapidly - without going near a branch or an internet banking website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NoFrixion is based in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Dublin 2. 

NoFrixion was founded by Aaron Clauson and Feargal Brady, serial entrepreneurs whose last business together, Blueface Ltd, was sold in 2020 to Comcast Business. Feargal & Aaron founded Blueface in 2004 as a telephony company providing services business needed rather than what the telephone companies thought they wanted. NoFrixion follows a similar theme, providing the type of services businesses want and need, but which aren't provided by traditional banks. 

Your business will certainly pay less for online card payments with NoFrixion, while our additional payments options - account to account transfers and Lightning Network payments - will be a fraction of those costs again.

The settlment times are instant in the latter cases, fraud is almost non-existent, while the customer experience is also better. 

We have focussed on cutting out as many middlemen as possible to bring you drastically reduced costs, while ensuring that the technical and customer experience is cutting edge.