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An app used by gyms around Europe

The App is white labelled for each gym. They previously paid for their subscriptions using cards or PayPal, which was expensive and clunky. They can also pay for their subscriptions, or additional classes or personal training sessions with card or Paypal.

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Users would select the subscription they required, or the additional classes or sessions, add them to the cart within the App, and go to the checkout. The checkout accepted card or Paypal credentials for payment. The alternative to paying within the App is an in-person payment using a card machine, a website payment or a bank transfer.

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Many users preferred to pay in-person in the gym, or to make bank transfers, as the payments environment within the App was quite clunky. It was also quite expensive to accept monthly and annual subscription payments, with a charge of up to 1.85% being charged by the card acquirer and Paypal depending on the channel.

Some transfers take longer than others, between a day and a week or more depending on the bank. Cashflow for each gym was therefore affected.

Transfers and card payments described above ensure a high degree of communications traffic between user and gym to confirm payment receipt.

Reducing Friction means 

Barrier free banking

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The Developer switched to MoneyMoov, NoFrixion’s API.

This provided a connected payments account with IBAN for each gym, into which they could receive funds.

The MoneyMoov App API provided a standardised UX for each gym user, combining card payments and Instant Bank Account Transfer.

Users now enjoy a vastly improved payments experience, and Instant Account Payments make up the majority of all payments.

As Instant Account Payments are now the most popular, settlement times are typically same day, improving gym cashflow.

Payments are also automatically ingested by each gym management system, to ensure a consistent and current customer view across multiple platforms. Failed payments, or abandoned carts are notified automatically, with customer service staff able to follow up.



In-App payments grew from less than 5% to over 70% within three months of implementation (and user promotion). Payments costs dropped by 90% for those users choosing to pay in-App. This was a combination of the popularity and substantially lower cost of Instant Account payments, and the lower card payments charges which MoneyMoov provides. Administration time for membership subscriptions and activities was also reduced across those gyms polled.

Why MoneyMoov?

All payments are either instant or next day.

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