Lightning payments

Bitcoin Lightning Network, the future of payments?

By Aaron Clauson · 4 August 2022
It’s a payment network built on top of Bitcoin. It relies on Bitcoin to enter and leave the network, or settlement, but other than that is a separate protocol with very different rules to the Bitcoin protocol.
Wan walking through a door into the future of payments

Payment Trends to Watch in 2023

By Aylin Aygun · 26 July 2022
The pandemic accelerated the speed of digital transformation in the payment world, with huge increases in online payment volumes, but also in ancillary applications – notably BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), while Banking as a Service is emerging as the next big thing.
Aylin Aygun

Life at NoFrixion: Aylin from Partnerships Team

By Aylin Aygun · 25 May 2022
Hello, I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I began my career in Marketing with internships during my bachelor’s degree at Middle East Technical University in Sociology and Psychology, double degrees.
Donal O'Connor

Life at NoFrixion: Donal from Software Development Team

By Aylin Aygun · 15 April 2022
I’m the lead developer at NoFrixion. I’ve been a software developer for 24 years. When I came across NoFrixion I realised that this was the place I needed to be. On the cutting edge of the FinTech revolution.
Revolution of Open Banking

Revolution of Open Banking

By Aylin Aygun · 17 March 2022
Developments in the EU (and UK) over the past few years have sown the seeds of a powerful and user-friendly alternative to cards, for making payments online.
Arif Matin

Life at NoFrixion: Arif from Software Development Team!

By Aylin Aygun · 3 March 2022
When I saw an open role at NoFrixion a financial technology (FinTech) company that’s developing the MoneyMoov API from the ground up… I knew I had to go for it.
Aoife NíChonghaile

Life at NoFrixion: Aoife from Compliance Team!

By Aylin Aygun · 10 February 2022
I joined NoFrixion’s Financial Crimes team in September 2021 as a Compliance Officer. Having been given an insight into what the company’s goals and aims, it was clear that they wanted to build a robust culture of compliance.
Credit card zipping through the air

The Evolution of Card Payments

By Aylin Aygun · 20 January 2022
We thought it would be interesting to look back at the evolution of cards and payment technologies to understand how we got here, and have a peak into the future.
Illustration of email and binary computer

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