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NoFrixion Current Accounts include an Irish IBAN, an optional UK GBP IBAN / SCAN, built-in bookkeeping, and connectors for many popular accounting platforms including Xero.

You can instantly open new accounts, making them ideal for segregating funds, streamlining reconciliation processes, or managing various budgets independently. Each with their own IBAN, making reconciliation a breeze.

Integrated with Xero

Integrated with Xero

Manage bookkeeping without internet banking: from invoicing and getting paid, to end-to-end accounts payable through a secure payment approval workflow. Just connect Xero, or your preferred platform to your NoFrixion Current Account and forget about Internet Banking.

Create as many accounts as you need, instantly

Facilitate reconciliation

With NoFrixion, separate current accounts can be instantly opened for different functions such as finance, marketing, and customer support, or any combination to suit specific operations.

MoneyMoov API
MoneyMoov API

One API to rule them all

Get paid with Cards, Bank and Bitcoin Lightning. Create multiple bank accounts, process payments automatically from within core business applications. Move money, pay suppliers and employees programmatically. All with just one API, one Embedded Finance partner.

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