Money Movement for Distribution Channels

MoneyMoov API automates invoicing and reconciliation in the distribution chain, from wholesale to retail.


Provide individual IBANs for customer accounts

Maintain a single current account for each individual retailer, integrated with the ERP, so that all payments received are automatically reconciled and easily identified.


Each retailer is provided with an individual IBAN for payment automation

Invoicing is automated, avoiding internet banking and manual processes. Once the retailer authorises the invoice, the funds are debited from their account. The account can be funded automatically from their existing bank account.


Reconciliation is automated

Distributor, wholesaler and retailer have full access to their individual accounts, linking invoices with payments, eliminating manual processing and reconciliation.


Refunds, exceptions, reimbursements, promotions - automated

By removing the need for internet banking at each level of the supply chain, the ERP controls the movement of funds (with the same authorisation controls).

MoneyMoov API
MoneyMoov API

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