Automated Hospitality

Embedded Finance is revolutionising the Hospitality sector, from hotels to bars to restaurant chains.

Automate supplier payments, drive booking conversions and cut ecommerce costs.

Eliminate manual processes and build intelligent financial rules to automate reconciliations.


In-App Room Booking and Payment

Integrate beautiful payment experiences within your App, promoting payment methods based on rules such as location or amount. Drive conversion, cut costs and eliminate failed bookings.


Automated Expense Management for Business Travelers

By integrating expense management tools into hotel apps or booking platforms, travellers can track their spending, categorize transactions, and submit expense reports seamlessly.


Loyalty Program Integration

Hotels and restaurants can incorporate their loyalty programs into digital wallets or loyalty accounts. This integration enables customers to earn rewards points or miles automatically when they pay for hospitality services, enhancing the overall guest experience.


Cashless tipping - Gratuity management

The cashless society means staff miss out on tips - in restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels. Now, using QR codes, staff can still get tipped electronically, while the MoneyMoov API automatically allocates to staff based on predefined rules.

MoneyMoov API
MoneyMoov API

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