Payment Links

Payment Links reduce payment times by up to 99%. Create professional, customised payment links, with single or partial payment options. Track payment status and alert sales staff when paid.

Create tailored payment experiences for your customers with just a few clicks

MoneyMoov for Business provides the tools to drive sales and revenue. Send fully customised payment links with single and partial payment capability. Alert sales staff to status changes or non-payment, and auto-remind customers.

Payment experiences

Track changes,
make decisions

Track changes, make decisions

Provide different access levels to sales staff, supervisors and managers. Payment links are saved in your MoneyMoov for Business portal, where they can be reviewed and tracked, facilitating ongoing reporting on individual and group sales performance.

Facilitate reconciliation

Facilitate reconciliation

MoneyMoov for Business introduces labels - the basis of automatic reconciliation. The combination of customer information and personalised labels makes book-keeping faster, cleaner, and easier.

MoneyMoov API
MoneyMoov API

One API to rule them all

Get paid with Cards, Bank and Bitcoin Lightning. Create multiple bank accounts, process payments automatically from within core business applications. Move money, pay suppliers and employees programmatically. All with just one API, one Embedded Finance partner.

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