Programmable Real Estate Management

MoneyMoov API empowers you to craft your Real Estate management platform effortlessly, encompassing everything from tenant onboarding to rent collection within a few short weeks.


Rent payments made easy

Property management platforms can integrate embedded banking solutions to allow tenants to make secure rental payments directly within the platform. Help tenants to pay rent on time via NoFrixion’s current account through payment links while offering different payment methods with just one single point API


Automatic Reconciliation

Embedded banking solutions can enable property managers to track and categorize expenses related to their properties directly within their real estate management platform. This integration allows for better financial management, budgeting, and reporting, as well as simplified tax preparation.


Fees management

This integration allows property managers to invoice clients, process payments, and track fee transactions seamlessly within the platform, resulting in better financial management and streamlined operations. Save time, reduce errors, and improve accuracy as you track and collect various fees.


Automated Rent Disbursement to Landlords

By integrating financial services within the platform, property managers can ensure that rental payments collected from tenants are securely and promptly transferred to the landlords' bank accounts. This streamlined process reduces manual intervention and accurate rent disbursements, improving transparency and dialogue, resulting in satisfied landlords and tenants.


Comprehensive Expense Management

Property managers can easily track, categorize, approve, and process payments for the handling of both one-off and ad-hoc expenses related to property maintenance, repairs, or unexpected needs ensuring proper financial management and streamlined operations.

MoneyMoov API
MoneyMoov API

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